Wedding – Hair & Makeup Tips

Hair & Makeup Tips – Before and On Your Wedding Date

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Determine if you require a trial and when. A trial is not always needed or convenient for a ‘Bride To Be’ however if you do choose to have a wedding hair and makeup up trial, try and have your trial on the date of your hens event. Another great time is on the day of your final dress fitting, allowing you to catch a glimpse of your 'look on the day'.
At Your Trial
Provide as much information as you can to your stylist, such as; your wedding look/theme, facial features, hair and skin colourings, skin conditions, likes and dislikes, wedding day time schedule, and include photo examples. Your stylist will be able to provide you with ideas and get a better understanding of your dream wedding look.

Let your stylist know if you require a lipstick colour from your trial so that she can arrange to bring it along on your wedding day.

Your stylist should provide you with a run schedule for the day prior to your wedding or at your trial. Its important to follow this schedule for a smooth, stress free run on the day.

On Your Wedding Day
Have an area that has good lighting, table and a power point, and is out of the way. Check with your stylist if they require dry or wet hair, washed the morning of, or the day before, your wedding.

If you and your bridesmaids are wearing strapless or one shoulder gowns, I recommend you wear a strapless or loose top while to get ready to prevent red indents on the tops of your shoulders that may be visible once you get into your gowns. A button up shirt or robe is a great idea to prevent your hair and makeup being disturbed when you get dressed.

If you are wearing decorative hair clips, pins, or accessories, please ensure that your stylist uses hair spray before they are in your hair (or earrings) as this will make them dull.

Check your shoes have grip, if not, gentle scuffing the bottom of them on concrete may assist with some additional grip. Apply Band-Aids when you get dressed to prevent blisters from those new shoes – prevention is better than cure!

Applying moisturiser to your legs a while before you are due to get dressed – this will help prevent static when you are walking.

If you are wearing a garter, have it higher up your leg or further down to prevent a lump being seen as you walk down the isle.

When your flowers arrive, place them in the bathroom as this is generally the coolest room for them. Check pollen stems have been trimmed to prevent staining you and your gown.

Once you and your bridesmaids have had your makeup and hair done is important that you all stay out of the weather as this will ensure your freshness.

Looking at the bride and groom on the day, the bride and her bridesmaids usually stand on the left slightly turning inward facing the groom and groomsmen. Keep in mind that your hair styles and hair accessories should be placed on YOUR right side (should the style suit). This ensures your hair styles face your guests at all times while everyone is taking pictures.

Before Your Wedding Day Trial
The same rule applies when your photographer is taking your photos after the ceremony.

Generally the bride has hair and makeup last or second last so you are the freshest.

Things to have on stand by for your big day: Band-Aids, mints, straws for drinking after makeup, snacks, nail polish remover, nail polish, nail or super glue, needle and cotton, tissues, lip product for you and your bridesmaids, cotton tips (great for makeup clean ups), Panadol, umbrellas (great for rain, wind and sun).

Written by: Honni Law Foley, Beauty By Me Mobile Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup Tips for your Wedding Preparations

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Providing many years of service in the bridal industry, I have frequently seen a lot of what goes on prior to the ceremony, and wanted to share what I felt were some tips to help the novice bride enjoy an even more memorable day.
1. Skin and Hair - Plan well ahead to get your skin and hair in best condition by following a thorough cleansing regime, regular exfoliation for smooth skin, use nourishing masks, and weekly hair conditioning treatments. Plan your final colouring and trim close to the final week with your hairdresser.

2. Pamper Day - Plan the day before your wedding as a pamper day. You and the bridesmaids will enjoy this enforced relaxation time whilst getting those nails, pedicures, massages, waxing, and eyelash tints ready for your big day.

3. Long Hair Tip - Long hair for up-styles is best washed the day beforehand so that it is not too soft. Take care not to overdo with heavy conditioners or product.

4. Wedding Day Prep - On your special day have a shower prior to your hair and makeup being done, as moisture can ruin the finished result of both your hairstyle and makeup.

5. Pack Essentials - When staying in a hotel or away from home, pack your ‘just in case kit’, with scissors, needle and cotton, tissues, band aids, headache pills, sunscreen for outdoor ceremonies, and touch up nail polish. Water bottles are essential.

6. Organize Snacks - Arrange a friend or family member to organize snacks, light lunch or a basket of nibbles and drinks for the preparation time. Often you are so busy, and time goes so quickly, but sustenance is most important as it can be a long time before the reception. Too much alcohol on an empty stomach is not a good look for the bridal party, let alone the legal side of marrying under the influence.

7. Relax - Reduce the number of guests popping in on the day. It can be quite stressful with rising noise levels, babies crying, children running around, while you are trying to stay calm. Relaxing music is much nicer than loud heavy party sounds – calms the nerves.

8. Hair and Makeup Schedule - Be organized with hair and makeup time slots for the Bridesmaids and the Mothers, ensuring the smooth running of the preparation time.

9. Neat and Tidy - Have a tidy bedroom and leave your gown and accessories laid out. Check every item you want is there, including your little handbag with the necessities.

10. Take a deep breath - savor every moment, and enjoy a beautiful day.

Written by: Glenda, A Vision of Pure Elegance

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