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A Guide to Choosing Your Engagement Ring

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The jury is still out, but it is something that every Lady will have a definite opinion about. In essence, when choosing an engagement ring it all comes down to the size and quality of the stone, or stones. But before we get to the interesting questions, we should cover a few of the basics.

The Sand Ceremony is very popular at wedding ceremonies and can just involve the Bride and Groom, or, other members of the family can also participate.

This ceremony involves pouring coloured sands into a glass vessel with each colour having a meaning. It’s a lovely symbolic picture of, firstly, the Bride and Groom, and secondly, other people in a family being blended together as one.

This ceremony is especially meaningful when there are children belonging to the bride, groom, or both, from previous relationships, as the children can be included, and this ceremony gives them a wonderful sense of belonging. Depending upon the Bride and Grooms personal choices, I would suggest that the Bride pours first, then the children, and then finally the Groom, but it’s always about the Bride and Groom and how they’d like it.

The Bride, the Groom, and anyone else who is going to participate in the ceremony, each have their own coloured sand. One by one they pour their sand into the vessel that’s been chosen as the keepsake. This makes for a wonderful memento of the wedding day.

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I've seen quite a few different vessels used. Krosno crystal, which had been beautifully engraved, heart shaped bottles from a $2 shop and even an old bourbon bottle. I often use wine glasses for the individual coloured sands and have them arranged on the signing table ready for the pouring.
I had a couple who only wanted two colours because these colours had a special meaning for them. They layered the two colours alternatively in their chosen vessel.

Of course, you don’t have to use coloured sand either. How about sand from the beach where you got engaged or from a special holiday. It’s all about what’s special for you.
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When the sands are poured they can be layered in their colours or shaken together showing that all members of the family are blended together never to be separated. That one too is a personal choice.

I like to use wording for the different colours because each colour has a prophetic meaning. Here are some examples:

  • White Sand – White is the colour for the Bride. White is for the purity of love.
  • Purple Sand – Purple is a colour about strength. The colour for a husband.
  • Blue Sand – Blue represents service. The serving of one another.
  • Red Sand – Red is for the passion of love.
  • Pink Sand – Pink is for healing. Love is healing.
  • Green Sand – Green is about a new beginning.
  • Yellow Sand – Yellow is about joy.
  • Orange Sand – Orange is about fire. The trials and tribulations of life.
  • Gold Sand – Gold is for the golden years, yet to come.

The Sand Ceremony is always a lovely inclusion in your wedding day celebrations as it offers the opportunity to include children and other family members in the ceremony, and gives you a beautiful memento of your special day.

Article by: Jane K Payne – Marriage Celebrant

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