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Although there are so many types of wedding cakes to choose from, many people prefer a traditional wedding cake for their big day, especially if you have chosen a formal wedding.

If you want a more traditional wedding cake but you want it to look trendy and chic, you may wish to consider having a less traditional shape, or a traditional tiered shape with a shaded design exterior.

Maybe Less Traditional

Wedding cakes can be made in different shapes including hearts, stacked shapes, or even shaped to look like presents. What about a gorgeous rainbow wedding cake, or layered colours complimenting a rainbow themed wedding. Or rainbow inside and out wedding cake with butter cream icing, or even using the Ombre shading effect.

Ombre Wedding Cake

Absolutely gorgeous tinting using a single colour.

Ombre Cake
From bridemaidsí dresses, to cakes, flowers, shoes, and even table linen - Ombre is popular. A beautiful and subtle tone on tone variation in a single color, where the colour washes from light to intense/dark.

If you want to make sure your wedding cake is unique, an Ombre wedding cake offers you the opportunity to theme your wedding around your cake.
Ombre is a modern take on the traditional wedding cake. More and more brides and grooms experimenting with the design and exterior of their wedding cake with an Ombre shading, whilst keeping with a more traditional sponge, chocolate, vanilla or fruit cake flavour for their wedding cake.

Create a Cupcake Tower Masterpiece

Another trend is choosing cupcakes instead. This allows you to have different kinds of cake and different kinds of frosting and is much less messy than cutting the traditional cake. A cupcakes wedding tower can look truly magical. As an alternative why not serve beautifully designed cupcakes for desert choosing varied flavours for each cupcake?

For the Chocoholics

Chocolate Cake
For all you chocoholics what better reason to indulge in pure heaven? Whether itís simply chocolate you are after, or something with a twist, there are so many options for a chocolate wedding cake. Adapt chocolate wedding cakes by choosing different quantities of white, milk or dark chocolate to create a delectable delight. Or, combine your chocolate cake with Ombre icing in any colour to enhance your wedding theme.

Healthy Wedding Cakes

Fruity and colourful wedding cakeInstead of the sweet and decadent icings, many brides are choosing wedding cakes that have much healthier toppings, such as cakes topped in various fruits, depending on the season and the style of the wedding. A beach wedding may lead to a cake topped with tropical fruits or strawberries. Not only is fruit much healthier, it is great tasting and a decoration all its own.
Healthy Cake

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