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If it's the first time you've planned a wedding, or if you haven't attended many weddings to see a Marriage Celebrant in action, it can be difficult to really know what youíre looking for in the person who will perform your ceremony, so here are a few pointers for you.

Firstly, it's important to like the Celebrant. The Celebrant should be a person that you feel you can relate too. They should be someone who puts you at your ease and gives you confidence in yourself. The wedding ceremony can be a scary moment in your life, itís good to have someone that you also have confidence in who makes you feel safe and will hold everything together is you start falling apart.

A good Celebrant will be happy to arrange an obligation free meeting with you, a 'meet and greet', so that you can be sure that you are choosing the right Celebrant before handing over a deposit. You will find that with most Celebrants the deposit is non-refundable so make sure youíve chosen well. You should never pay any money without firstly meeting the Celebrant, unless of course, distance is factor.

For me, a sense of humour is a MUST. A wedding is formal, legal, but is also a celebration, a happy occasion, so there should definitely be laughter. Sometimes thereís laughter because something goes slightly wrong, but a quick wit, a sense of humour and a bit of ad lib can soon fix that.

Professionalism is high on the list. A good Celebrant should be available to you if you have questions or queries. A rehearsal should be arranged before the big day. All aspects of legal paperwork should be taken care of by your Celebrant.

Being a Celebrant is a bit like being an actor, it involves public speaking, good delivery and the ability to make the stars of the show shine. Thatís you, the Bride & Bridegroom. Not the Celebrant.

Look for a Celebrant who is creative if you want a ceremony that is more than the basic. A Celebrant should be a wordsmith, someone who can put together a ceremony that is both personalized and memorable.

Even though the Celebrant may be an experienced writer and have put together a thousand wedding ceremonies, they should also be a good listener and be able to ask you what you have in mind and hear all that you have to say. Good communication skills is an important key.

On the day of your wedding the Celebrant should arrive early to make sure that everything is ready for the start of the ceremony. Having a chat to the Bridegroom and the groomsmen, setting up the signing table, doing a sound check with the PA system and generally ensuring that all is ready for the arrival of the Bride. Itís the Celebrants job to organize the guests and move them into position before the bridal party commences the walk down the aisle. On the day, your Celebrant will 'run the show'.

The last thing to consider is the Celebrants fee. Unless you really are on the smallest of budgets, never choose your Celebrant by price alone. Most of the time in life you really do get what you pay for.

Ask the Celebrant about the Code of Conduct for Marriage Celebrants, itís all about the high standard of service that should be delivered and is set down by the Attorney Generals Department.
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I hope that you find these few pointers helpful in choosing the right Celebrant for you and for the most important day of your lives, your wedding day.

Article by: Jane K Payne Ė Marriage Celebrant

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