Love-Locked Wedding Ceremony

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The Love-Locked Ceremony is becoming very popular at weddings. It is a very romantic and magical way to conclude your wedding ceremony.

What is a Love-Locked Ceremony?

Take two padlocks… The padlocks are locked together as a symbol of the bride and bridegroom being together in marriage forever.

The keys for the locks are attached to eco-friendly helium balloons which are released into the sky at the end of the wedding ceremony by the bride and groom. How romantic!

I’ve had couples simply buy a couple of locks at Bunnings, whilst others have found heart shaped locks on Ebay and had them engraved with both their names and the date of their wedding.

I’ve performed this special ceremony many many times where everything has gone perfectly to plan. Then there have been those times when the unexpected occurs…

The very first time I had a bride and groom decide to have a love-locked ceremony was at a wedding in the country at the bride and grooms home – such a lovely setting. When we got to the part in the service when the bride and groom release the balloons, the fun began. The balloons floated up maybe two metres and then just bobbed along the paddock, across the garden, and straight into the bride and grooms house! We all had quite a giggle.

The balloons had been blown up in the morning and it was now 4 pm — they had deflated somewhat. The groom then disappeared into the house and reappeared several minutes later with about 15 more balloons. This time the keys were taken away by the wind… never to be seen again.

Since that time I have advised the bride and groom to fill the balloons with helium as late in the day as possible.

Another wedding, another love-locked story…

Two of the most gorgeous little flower girls you ever did see. The two little blond beauties looked adorable, however I couldn’t see them at all during the wedding ceremony. I was told later by the photographer of the unparalleled entertainment that these two little darlings provided the guests with.
Love Locked 2

I announced to the guests that the Bride and Groom would now be signing the Marriage Register and afterwards there would be a very special ceremony that they may not have seen before. I turn around to point out the balloons but they were nowhere to be seen because the two little darlings had let them go at the start of the wedding ceremony. So there was some quick improvising on my part – luckily I’m very good at thinking on my feet. The wedding was on the Brisbane River, so instead of balloons, the Bride and Groom throw the keys (the spare set that you always get with the padlocks) into the river. The guests weren’t any the wiser and the Bride and Groom had a great laugh over it.

The love-locked wedding ceremony is such a wonderful symbol of the Bride and Groom becoming one together, forever. You can choose eco-friendly balloons that are colour themed for your wedding. You can also have all the guests let their own balloons go too.

Have a wonderful wedding day.

Article by: Jane K Payne – Marriage Celebrant

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